When Samsung invites you to present on their Bixby Stage you know the partnership is real

Voicify now deploys to Bixby and has achieved the coveted Bixby Premier Developer Status

Voicify’s Conversation Experience Platform™ allows non-technical teams to author, deploy and manage Bixby Capsules with reduced dependency on IT and development teams.

Voicify is a content centric conversation CMS and experience platform that gives power to teams who manage voice experiences and conversational content.

Do you need help with your voice app and chatbot?

Voicify manages your content for all of your Bixby Capsules. Start anew or migrate existing Capsules onto Voicify. 

“But we don’t know which Bixby device they will use?”

Voicify delivers multimodal, so not only is it the right content, it’s contextualized for the device they are using.

Whether the content is stored in Voicify itself or in a different system of record, Voicify listens for contextual cues from the user to optimize the response for the device itself.  Because video in a moving car is always a bad idea.

From the moment you put content into Voicify you have begin the authoring process.
Seamlessly connect your Bixby Developer account and Voicify for real time, dynamic access to the entire conversational experience.
Evolve your conversational experience through a easy to use web based interface akin to modern experience platforms.

“But our IT department is backlogged, there is no way they can keep up with this.”

This is exactly what Voicify was built for: the marketer. Voicify puts the conversational experience in the hands of those who own it. Period.

Conversation is another point in the customer journey, so we track it.

Spend your time arriving at insights, not managing spreadsheets.

Total Usage

Knowing how the voice app is performing is important to understand adoption.  Even with nascent technologies these kinds of metrics are important as a baseline for future knowledge and growth trends.

Service Delineation

Seeing usage by content is certaintly helpful, but Virtual Assistants and Chatbots carry with them a brand affinity just like browsers and mobile operating systems.  Knowing  where the usage lies can help brands determine where further customization and extension is warranted.

What Was Missed

Your Customers are speaking to you. Not metaphorically.  We capture the missed intents.  The things your audience wants to talk to you about, that you haven’t managed to yet.  This data can directly affect the conversational product roadmap and ensure you meet your customers where they are.

Bring Voicify Analytics Into Your Own Tools

The importance of analytics runs across all systems.  Perhaps you have a basic dashboard where everything is aggregated.  Or maybe you have a complex attribution model that needs Voicify data pumped in.  In any case, access to your data is simple through our open API and can be exported or delivered in real time – depending on your business needs.

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