Audacy releases voice assistant powered by Voicify

by | Aug 1, 2022 | Voicify News


With the new Audacy voice assistant powered by Voicify, users can execute everyday media actions like play, stop, find, skip, forward, rewind, favorite, and add to queue.

In July, Audacy, owner of 235 radio stations across 48 media markets, began rolling out the newest release of their popular mobile app across all devices. Included among updates to the overall experience is the latest, all-new feature: a custom voice assistant allowing users to control many aspects of the app with the help of conversational AI powered by Voicify.

With the new Audacy voice assistant, users can execute everyday media actions like play, stop, find, skip, forward, rewind, favorite, and add to queue. 

Audacy’s goal for the first version of their custom voice assistant is to reduce friction in app management and the navigation process. While the existing visual interface is elegant and easy to work with, talking to the Audacy custom voice assistant to achieve specific actions is even simpler and increases convenience and safety for users focused on other critical tasks, like driving. 

A visual user experience remains an excellent option for discovery-oriented interactions for users who are not visually impaired. But as the speed and accuracy of voice assistants improve, voice interface is quickly becoming the best choice for task-oriented interactions. Particularly for users whose hands are occupied with other tasks. Audacy’s approach provides a great perspective on how layering voice into an existing digital experience allows brands to meet customers where they are and provide them with options. 

Audacy soft-launched their custom voice assistant for the first wave to gather data on usage. The next phase will include a trust and training campaign to help Audacy customers understand and recognize the value of a conversational interface to their favorite digital experience. Future rollouts also include ambitious additions to the scope of features users can manage with voice and their interactions with content publishers. 

The future is bright for the Audacy assistant as they grow into the full capabilities of conversational AI.  

The new Audacy app is available for download in the Apple App and Google Play stores.

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