Hamilton College highlights student life with Voicify.

by | May 31, 2022 | Events, Voicify News

Hamilton & Voicify

Unique, first-of-a-kind higher education voice assistant allows prospective students to hear directly from the College president, staff members, and students about the Hamilton College experience. 

The Hamilton College voice experience is a rich, conversational tour where users hear from members of the campus community while exploring the institution and campus life. Delivered on both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, it provides vital information for prospective students with a cutting-edge approach that supports the College’s reputation as a leader in digital innovation. It also makes interactive content available to individuals for whom other digital channels can be challenging.

Not satisfied with using the default, canned text-to-speech agents, the Hamilton College voice experience provides users information about different topics from a conversational AI voiced by actual Hamilton College students and staff. This attention to detail gives the application a warm, personal touch, which aligns with the in-person Hamilton College experience. 

To further enhance the friendly, natural feel of the experience, the app features a student guide who welcomes users and serves as a facilitator, introducing other hosts at the user’s request and then checking back in to help the user further the discussion. 

In December 2021, Hamilton’s voice experience went live with a custom greeting and congratulations for newly admitted students from the Dean of Admission. Recently the custom voice assistant grew considerably by rolling out conversations about Admission, Academics, Campus Life, Hamilton’s mission, and the history of the College. Specific use cases include:

  • Learn about the admission process from the VP of Enrollment Management
  • Learn about campus life from students
  • Learn about Hamilton’s mission and motto from the College President 
  • Learn about academics from the Dean of Faculty
  • Learn about the College’s history by distinguishing it from Hamilton, the musical (which the College loves, by the way!) 

Hamilton College will soon be working on a new conversation track for its alumni audience. This new segment will include the ability to accept donations frictionlessly. This authenticated voice app will be another industry first, with back-office integrations and deep value for the organization. 

Voicify made it easy to build, manage, and deploy the Hamilton College Voice Experience. This left us with more time to focus on how to create something genuinely on-brand for the school with custom voices and thoughtful conversation design. Tim O’Keeffe, Sr. Director of Marketing and Analytics at Hamilton College

Try it!

The Hamilton College Voice Experience is available to the public, and you can access it now on both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Just say:

“Hey Google, talk to Hamilton College.”


“Alexa, enable Hamilton College.”

More information is available on the College website.

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