Voicify partner spotlight: AKQA

by | Jul 14, 2022 | Partner Spotlight

Voicify AKQA Partner Spotlight

We caught up with our partners at AKQA to better understand how they think about the value of voice for their business and the clients with whom they partner.  

At Voicify, we like to share our partners’ work and thinking around voice conversational AI. We’re incredibly proud to introduce one of our newest partners this month: AKQA.

AKQA was founded in 1994 when founder Ajaz Khowaj Quoram Ahmed left school to start a multimedia agency while interest in the internet was increasing. Since then, AKQA has grown to thousands of employees with offices worldwide. The agency has a reputation for partnering with some of the world’s most well-known and innovative brands to create cutting-edge digital experiences. 

To learn more about how AKQA thinks about voice, we connected with Candice Ong, the Associate Director of Experience Strategy at AKQA Melbourne. Candice has more than ten years of experience leading digital transformation initiatives in a client portfolio of global brands. With a background in technology and consulting, she takes a people-centric, data-driven approach to helping organizations create digital products that deliver value and make a meaningful, positive difference in people’s lives.

What excites you most about the future of voice (or the voice channel)?

As an ideas and innovation company, we’re excited about the potential to simplify how people interact with brands and products, extending interactions beyond the screen. We design and build products, services, and spatial experiences for our clients, and voice is an excellent channel for creating more inclusive and accessible experiences.  

How is voice transforming your business and the value you deliver to your clients?

We work with clients across a broad range of industries and can see exciting opportunities for voice technology to help transform their services. Voice will increasingly become a critical channel for customers to engage with brands. 

Many brands are now looking to extend their digital brand experiences and make their services more easily accessible. Voice commerce is exciting and will play a massive role in how customers shop in the future. 

We also see interesting applications for voice in sports. For the Australian Open Tennis Grand Slam in 2022, we developed a Voice Assistant that allowed users to access a live stream audio feed of Action Audio easily. This sound experience uses ball-tracking technology and 3D sound to make live sports easier to follow for people with blindness and low vision. 

What are your favorite applications of voice in your life?

Simple applications that make people’s lives easier are incredibly important. A voice layer makes daily tasks like ordering food and shopping online more manageable for everyone. It also provides people with greater independence. For someone with a disability, being able to easily make a call using voice commands from anywhere in their home can help provide increased security and autonomy. 

Beyond that, there are fascinating implications for using voice in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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