Voice Landers™ are a simple way to engage customers through Voice Assistants


TLDR – Bypass the URL, give your audience something to say to a voice assistant and start a conversation

Companies are inundated with opportunities to market themselves. The audience is distributed across hundreds of channels, web properties, mediums, apps and devices.

Communicating with the audience has become complex and often hard to manage.  And now with voice, marketers are both excited and further saddled.

However, the decision about voice is no longer IF to do it, but HOW to do it. Take a look at some of the more pervasive statistics in the space:

  1. Amazon has a team of 10,000 people working on Alexa (src digital trends)
  2. Google has chosen to sell its voice assistant devices at a loss (src HBR)
  3. Smart Display adoption increased 584% in 2018 (src Voicify & Voicebot.ai)
  4. 89% of people with smart speakers speak to them once a day, 33% multiple times a day (src Invoca)
  5. 49% of consumers would prefer voice assistants to human interactions in shops/call centers because it is faster (src Capgemini)

Some brands will need to run a full business strategy to determine the position of voice in its communications ecosystem and to integrate it into products and services to prepare for its ubiquity (note: ubiquity is here). Other brands are willing to start in a more agile fashion, fail fast and leverage their audiences to help them along the way.

In either case, there is a simple way to enter the channel quickly and hedge your bets while you determine long term strategy, satisfying the most conservative brands while achieving brand ownership and equity in voice.

This simply is to borrow the concept of landing pages that marketers have been using for years with campaigns across multiple channels and create Voice Landers™.

In the past brands have created single web landing pages as a support mechanism for activities on other channels. We have all experienced some version of the following:

  • TV: Landing page URL on the screen
  • Radio: Read out of URL to visit, or phone number to call
  • Print Ads: URL on page
  • Social: tiny URL to landing page
  • Packaging: URL printed



This model worked for years and was the most achievable version of contextually relevant content we could achieve.  In offline channels we hoped the user would be driven enough to remember the URL, find time in their day, open a browser and engage with the content we had placed there.

In online channels we hoped they clicked the link and engaged with the content, not knowing exactly the interface they would be using.

But voice makes it simpler, direct, in the moment and engaging. Or as CX advocates have been saying for some time: the right content, at the right time for the right person.

Suggesting to the audience they ‘Ask Your Assistant’ rather than ‘visit a webpage’ is more direct, easier to remember, contextually relevant and immediate to act on.


Brands should welcome this development with open arms.  It is a boon for access, immediacy, relevancy and connection.

The benefits exist on several levels:


Voice Assistants are with us at all times.  They are on our phones, speakers, headphones, displays, televisions, thermostats, cars, refrigerators and as of the 2019 CES, apparently in our showers.


Voice Assistants are allowing for engagement in situations, locations and activities that other digital channels could never have accessed.

Hedging the channel:

The utilization of Voice Landers is a measured & calculated entrance strategy for any brand.  Like with traditional landing pages, the content can begin concise and pointed and grow into general and expansive.

Controlling the Conversation:

With a landing convo brands are able to suggest the starting point of the conversation, guide the conversant down a path and suggest next steps.


Voicify Makes this Possible in the following Ways

  1. Voicify is built for marketers, no need for technologists to manage content: text to speech, audio, video, imagery etc.
  2. Voicify has no limit in variations and variety: establish unique phrases for individual campaigns to gain deeper metrics
  3. Voicify has an open API: plug Voicify into any email, text, call or marketing automation system to shift from conversation to action
  4. Voicify is always connected to the voice assistants you choose to engage: modify your conversation or expand it, in real time
  5. Voicify doesn’t make you choose a channel: cover the whole market by deploying to Alexa, Google Assistant & Cortana, expand further by leveraging chatbots
  6. Leveraging Voicify for Voice Landers establishes one or more invocation names and content behind them cross platform, claiming your brand and defending against poachers


If you are interested in learning how you can leverage Voicify to create, deploy and manage Voice Landers or full voice experiences, reach out to us.

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