It took most CMS Platforms two decades to offer personalization.
Voicify did it for Voice Apps in three releases…


It’s time to talk to your customers like you know who they are. Literally.

voicify is a voice app and chat bot content management system that brands use to create, deploy and manage voice applications deployed to amazon alexa, google assistant, samsung bixby, custom voice assistants and chat bot end points like slack, twitter, facebook messenger and many others.

Implicit Voice App Personalization for Marketers and CX Strategists

User Flag Implicit Personalization Voicify

New versus Returning Users (Participants)

We’ve all gone back to a voice app only to endure the same Welcome Message time and time again.

No more!

Voicify allows you to listen for new and returning users and not just the second visit, but the third or fourth. Should participants be getting a special welcome on their 10th time back? Perhaps a special offer or message? You can do it with Voicify Implicit Personalization.

Device Context

While Voicify optimizes your content and voice app for any device the user chooses to engage on, there are always special use cases.

Want to offer to text the participant if they are on a speaker but connect them to a human if they are on their phone? No problem. Leverage Device Context Implicit Personalization rules right within Voicify.

Device Type Implicit Personalization Voicify
Last Content Implicit Personalization Voicify

Content Context

Understanding what participants have and have not experienced is an important piece of data to work with. Voicify helps you understand what they have talked about and leverage that information to inform what comes next.

Similar to choose your own adventure, but for the voice app owner!

Explicit Voice App Personalization for CX Professionals

Native Mobile App Flag Explicit Personalization

Transactional Flags

Just like every person is unique, so too is every business and the profile they maintain on their customers. By mapping CRM transactional fields you have with your customers, you have enabled greater personalization within Voicify without even knowing it.

Elevate this experience even further by leveraging Voicify’s webhook variable replacement to combine transactional flag look ups with dynamic responses; minimizing the need to manage the conversation over time.

Persona Flags

Many brands characterize their customers into personas, allowing for a wider set of actions and business rules. By including personas in content strategy, brands are setting up the Explicit Personalization connection between Voicify and their CRM.

Utilizing personas is a powerful method to engage people and offer higher contextual relevancy without having to establish unique customer rules.

Persona Flag Explicit Personalization with Voicify
Purchase Flag Implicit Personalization Voicify

Did / Did Not Purchase Flags

Without a doubt, a customers purchase history is a critical indicator of probable interest. Cart abandonment from another channel can offer a brand ways to offer the purchase moment again in a conversation, with little to no friction.

Brands who don’t engage with e-commerce or voice commerce can use this customer information as well by setting a purchase flag and connecting Voicify to their CRM or transactional history DB, allowing the customer an engagement level well beyond an anonymous participant.

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