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Take Control of the Conversation About Your Brand on ALL Channels

by | Sep 12, 2018

It is almost impossible to ignore the explosive growth of voice assistants in homes and businesses around the world. For most companies and brands this is new territory that is on their minds but they are unsure how to use this new channel effectively. Some brands are on the sidelines working through their voice assistant strategy. For those that are waiting; Time is not your friend.

Consider a scenario on the web where someone uses their favorite search engine to ask a question about your company, products or services. If you have no web presence the search engine returns no results, competitor results or even worse, inaccurate information posted by others. This rarely happens today because most companies establish a web presence quickly to control the conversation about the brand.

If your brand does not have a voice application and you ask Alexa or Google Assistant a question about your company you are literally letting others establish the conversation on your behalf. Seriously. Try it. You’ll likely get one of 3 responses from the assistant (results vary based on the specific assistant):

1.  “Hmmm… I don’t know that”
2.  Basic information such as the location and hours of your business
3.  A suggestion to enable a voice app from another company

All 3 of these are terrible outcomes when it comes to a potential touch point with your brand. The team here at Voicify recommends all brands to take hold of the conversation as it relates to their products and services. And. Do it quickly before someone else does.

A basic voice application that answers questions about your products, services and history of your business is a great place to start. On the technical side, Voicify’s Experience Platform can help to provide additional directives to Alexa (via CanFulfillIntentRequest) and Google Assistant (via Implicit Invocation Phrases) to help match your voice app to questions asked by a consumer. We’ll provide more technical information about this in another post. For now, consider the fact that if you have a voice app in the market using a platform such as Voicify you can have much greater control over the conversation related to your brand. And you can do this before someone else takes over the conversation for you.

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