Healthcare Voice App and Chatbot Solutions with Voicify

Voicify empowers healthcare organizations to bring convenience, frictionless interaction, and patient experience to the next level. Whether extending healthcare offerings through Alexa and Google Assistant or creating a custom voice assistant for the organization itself, Voicify is built to bring efficiency and scalability.

Key Healthcare Use Cases with Voicify

Find a Doc

What’s easier than simply telling Alexa or Google to find you a doctor?

Nothing, there’s nothing easier.

Turn Alexa and Google Assistant Into a Pre-Visit Tool

Save the team time admitting and processing patients by starting the process in their homes with the advent of a voice assistant – the newest extension of your team.

Helping patients find doctors through conversation – Find a Doc

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Reduce Readmission Rates with Better At-Home Rehabilitation

Patients taking care of themselves post-procedure and visit is critical in reducing readmission. Providing conversational voice-based tools puts support in their homes and is only a question away.

Triage Symptoms

Bring your expertise into the home, car, bus ride or outside by allowing patients to work through the same questions you’d ask them if they showed up at the clinic or hospital.

Hands free ER wait time look ups? It’s here.

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Important Voicify Features for the Healthcare Space


Understanding how your audience engages with you conversationally is the baseline, and Voicify delivers and then some. Access analytics in our UI or pipe them into your own analytics aggregator.

Headless Voice App Management Platform - Voicify


Voicify loves systems of record! So we built a simple webhook and integrations layer so you can pipe in all your variable data into a standard conversational structure. Voila with Voicify.

Healthcare Voice Apps with Voicify - The Reader

The Healthcare Voice App Reader

General information on how healthcare and hospitals are entering voice, coupled with statistics and use cases.

Integrations Framework

Bringing your business into any channel needs to consider custom use cases. Voicify is built to create efficiency of customization to save time for IT and Marketing personnel alike.