Financial Services

The Voicify Voice Experience PlatformTM supports the financial services space in a number of ways.  Financial Services companies have regulatory and legal parameters they are required to adhere to and Voicify supports those needs.

Smart speakers and smart displays are placed to be deeply supportive of financial services existing brand positioning.  The prospect and customer experience expected of consumers varies with the moment of the customer journey they are undergoing.

The Voicify Content Management SystemTM supports a variety of content types.  Whether the customer wants basic operational or logistical information from the institution or deeply personal information tied to their account and transactions, Voicify enables institutions to deliver it.

Financial Institutions often play a role in conveying basic market information, best practices, industry knowledge and positions on current affairs.  Voicify supports these experiences as well, enabling institutions to maintain a real time relationship with the content and the consumer alike.

Voicify also supports integration with proprietary systems that are common within financial services in order to deliver individual information through account mapping and account validation.

Financial experiences are some of the most important and intimate moments of our lives.  It is no surprise that the intimacy, familiarity and convenience of smart speakers and displays are quickly becoming the preferred channel for individuals to engage with their financial institutions.


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