Voice & Virtual Assistant Multimodality

A Stoic Voice Alone, a Conversation Does Not Make

Multimodality is the way we properly contextualize and support our conversations. It’s the same with voice assistants (with a little more thought involved). This framework cuts through the noise

Voice Assistants are Bringing New Opportunity with Modalities

Past channels are straight forward with the kind of content they can handle.  Voice Assistants and Chatbots are able to handle all that content and more, turn by conversational turn.  The demand on brand and content strategists can appear daunting.  And while Voicify optimizes content modality in real time, ensuring the right content is available remains on the brand.

This PDF presents a framework to empower teams to work through existing and identify new content needed across the conversation; contextually, relevantly, efficiently.

In this document you will find:

  • Explanation of intention
  • Simplification of modality
  • Modality matrix (intention x output)
  • Device Matrix (modality x device x assistant)
  • Examples of modality assignment
  • Updated Conversational Maturity Model

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