Voice SEO

(voice search engine optimization)

 We all know the importance of attending to traditional web and digital based SEO. Being found organically is critical for all companies online.  The importance of optimizing for search in voice is second to none. With many devices a ‘Page One’ doesn’t exist, reducing your chances to show value, significantly.  Voicify supports findability through editorially managed content and platform specific field access and meta data.  Expressing your business value has never been so easy.



of people who own an Amazon Echo or Google Home can’t imagine to going back to the days before they had a smart speaker


of all searches will be done without a screen by 2020 - Gartner

The Voicify Conversation Experience Platform™ gives SEO power to the content managers, not developers.

Voicify does this in a way that allows you to modify this content over time, without having to resubmit the application.  So as your Skill and Action evolve, so too can your meaning and value with virtual assistants.

Of course the content of the Skill and Action are indexed by the platform as well, and Voicify delivers that content in a highly indexable manner, ensuring that the virtual assistants know exactly what your application can do and why it should be used.

SEO for voice isn’t a set it and forget it activity.  Alexa and Google both confirm that having a voice app in thier marketplaces is the best and primary manner to ensure you have a branded conversation with their end users.

Voicebot.ai visualizes the challenge that an evolving surfance landscape offers to brands with response rates varying from a single response to a collection of up to 35.  Voicify was built to scale within this complex arena, allowing for a variety of content which not only enriches the assistants understanding of ccontent but optimizes the experience for the user when they move past the search result experience.

Source: Voicebot.ai SEO Report, July 2019

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One-in-six Americans (16%) own a voice activated smart-speaker

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