2019 Martech ‘5000’ includes Voicify

Last week at the Martech West conference Scott Brinker and the Martech team revealed the 2019 Marketing Technology super graphic.

It is again called the Martech 5000.  And the 5,000 count is again a misnomer as the graphic encapsulates over 7,000 platforms. 

Yet in the Martech post explaining the super graphic, the team indicates there could be thousands, perhaps tens of thousands more to consider as the Martech ecosystem does not limit itself to enterprise scoped software, but plug ins, extensions and integrations.

For the Voicify team, this year’s super graphic brought with it two important distinctions.

First, the category of ‘Bots and Live Chat’ has been re-issued as ‘Conversational Marketing & Chat.’  This is an important distinction as it allows for the inclusion of the rising and evolving channel of voice assistants; or what is quickly just being called ‘voice.’

Secondly is the presence of Voicify within the super graphic itself. 

Voicify came to market in late summer 2018, so the inclusion of the platform in the 2019 Super graphic is a nod to the seriousness with which the market is taking the company, the platform and its capabilities.

The landscape within ‘Conversational Marketing & Chat’ is interesting to look through.  The huge majority of the over 100 platforms listed are focused on chat, solely.  In fact, there are only a few platforms that even boast a connection to voice assistants and only one that primarily focuses on it: you guessed it, Voicify.

AS the voice channel continues to evolve other tools will emerge, and Voicify is proud to be the early leader in the space, enabling brands to bring their experience to the powerful and vastly adopted voice assistants at a global level. 

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By 2020, 30% of all search queries will be conducted without a screen


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