Voicify 3.0 is Jet Fuel for Branded Voice Apps


From Implicit & Explicit Personalization to Pre-established
Voice UX Flows and CMS Templates to Start With

voicify is a voice app and chat bot content management system that brands use to create, deploy and manage voice applications deployed to amazon alexa, google assistant, samsung bixby, custom voice assistants and chat bot end points like slack, twitter, facebook messenger and many others.

Voice App Management for the Experience Managers

Implicit voice app personalization with Voicify

Implicit Personalization

Taking voice apps to the next level means paying attention to what the participant is saying and doing and having a POV on what comes next. 

With the implicit personalization conditions built into Voicify with 3.0 CX professionals are able to apply their understanding if the participant as broad rules.

There are over ten built in conditions ranging from new/returning visitors, device type, visited content and platform being used.

Explicit Personalization

Voicify 3.0 enables user flags to be put in place to look up data in 3rd party systems for conversational decisioning. From CRM to CMS, PIM to Analytics – no system with an API is off limits.The holy grail of marketing and customer experience has finally arrived to voice apps and voice experience with Voicify.

Explicit Voice App Personalization with Voicify
Voice Flow for Media distribution

Making Flows into Templates

By leveraging pre-defined flow templates in Voicify our customers are able to add their brand language into the conversation and deploy immediately. Sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

But when you do need to, you can use our SPARK Templates as a base and save a bunch of time building your voice app.

Voice App Management for the Integrators

Alexa -QuickLinks-Philadelphia-Eagles

Alexa Integration Enhancements

Voicify 3.0 builds from Alexa’s own evolution. Voicify now supports full package deployment and has pre-built task support.

And like Google Action Links already supported, Alexa Quick Links are now integrated with Voicify. 

Python & Java SDKs coming in 3.1!

Our current SDK’s have all undergone updates and revisions as part of 3.0. Quickly following will be our Python and Java SDKs – opening whole new avenues for development and integrations.

Voicify Dev Template

Modules Marketplace

With 3.0 comes the advent of a modules marketplace (templates, integrations & solutions) will be available to all Voicify customers.

Whether it is plug and play with YEXT or a basic RSS Feed you will be able to activate the integration, configure it and be off to the races.

Want to pull a voice UX flow and modify it for your own brand and business – no problem.

Templates, integrations and solutions are being added constantly making the Voicify Modules Marketplace the most robust set of tools voice has ever seen.

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for over 3,000 Voice Apps including:

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