18% today and 28% in 3 years expect to replace the human interaction of a check out counter with a voice assistant


The voice space is evolving rapidly and we know it's hard to keep up.  If you have 30 seconds, this primer will do you some good.

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The adoption of smart speakers and smart displays is quickly expanding from the living room and kitchen to the storefront and retail store. Retail has the opportunity to bridge the digital and physical experiences of their brand and product with customers.

The Voicify Voice Experience PlatformTM enables the delivery of device specific and contextually relevant information to the audience. Voicify analytics inform both the voice experience as well as store experience managers as to what and how the content is being consumed and interacted on my the user.

Brand advocates are always interested in new product launches.  The Voicify Voice Experience Platform allows marketers to promote existing and new products through a voice campaign.  Consumers can easily engage with the brand through a customized voice experience.

Through sponsorships and other avenues, marketers can increase brand awareness through a strategic voice campaign.  Celebrity endorsements, videos, and audio clips can all be easily maintained through the content management system.

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By 2020, 30% of all search queries will be conducted without a screen


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Enables brands and marketers to easily create and maintain their voice experience and voice engagement using Voicify's Voice Content Management SystemTM.

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