Voicify for Voice Commerce

When you can purchase with your voice all obstacles fall away

What is Voice Commerce?

Voice commerce is an interface that helps reduce the end-user’s dependence on click & add or swipe & pinch interfaces, allowing them to use their voice to purchase products through a voice assistant on any device they choose.

Voice Commerce for Devices

Prioritize the voice channels

Like all marketing tactics, voice commerce will require attention and patience. Think strategically across all your marketing touchpoints. Big brands like Nike and Disney have successfully delivered voice technology promotions as part of holistic campaigns that drive consumers to voice for conversion.

Voice Commerce Starting Points

  • CTA on OOH to One Shot Invocation to buy
  • Voice lander for marketing campaigns
  • Single item ordering
  • Re-order function
  • Product Research

By 2023, estimates have Voice Commerce reaching


Supporting Integrations

Applicable Industries


Financial Services


Higher Education



Travel & Hospitality

Media & Entertainment

Retail & CPG

With Voice Apps Numbers Matter.  So we collect, aggregate and deliver them.

So you can spend your time deriving insights, not managing spreadsheets.

Understand Where in Your Voice App the Customer is Going

Voicify Visualizes the user path so you can see patterns emerge in the conversation.  This insights is critical to evolving the voice app and chatbot experience. Coupled with Voicify's other deep analytics, far beyond what Alexa, Google Assistant, Bixby or other chatbot platforms offer.

Activity Overlay voice apps voicify

Total Usage

Knowing how the voice app is performing is important to understand adoption.  Even with nascent technologies these kinds of metrics are important as a baseline for future knowledge and growth trends.

Service Delineation

Seeing usage by content is certaintly helpful, but Virtual Assistants and Chatbots carry with them a brand affinity just like browsers and mobile operating systems.  Knowing  where the usage lies can help brands determine where further customization and extension is warranted.

Service Delineation Account Management

What Was Missed

Your Customers are speaking to you. Not metaphorically.  We capture the missed intents.  The things your audience wants to talk to you about, that you haven't managed to yet.  This data can directly affect the conversational product roadmap and ensure you meet your customers where they are.

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