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Analytics & Integration Services


Analytics are at the center of Voicify’s service offering. Similar to web and mobile, brands need real-time information about their voice campaigns. Voicify provides this data to help you track your performance over time and across your various pieces of content. Here are some basic components of our analytics offering:

  • Get a summary of how many users are interacting with your brand, their level of engagement, and how often they are returning.
  • Track changes and get a better understanding of how adjustments to your content impact your audience.

Our unique approach to cross-platform compatibility provides insight into how your content is doing across multiple services and allows you to fine-tune your message to reach the broadest audience possible. Here are some ways we approach the data:

  • If a particular service is having trouble understanding your users’ requests, we can help you identify and resolve those issues to help you create a better experience.
  • If a particular request is not being fulfilled, Voicify will give you information that will help you determine potential gaps between what your users are looking for and what you are offering.
  • Filling in this disparity allows you to provide high-value content and keep your audience satisfaction soaring.
  • Dive a little deeper and get a detailed view of how people are actually interacting with your product.
  • See how a conversation is typically structured and even what phrases are most commonly used.

Integration Services

While we are a SaaS company with a strong partner network, Voicify still offers integration services to our customers on an ad-hoc basis. These engagements are on a Time & Materials basis and only intended to augment a partner, if needed.

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