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The voice space is evolving rapidly and we know it's hard to keep up.  If you have 30 seconds, this primer will do you some good.

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24% of consumers today, and a projected 40% of consumers in 2021 will use a voice assistant instead of a mobile app or a website (company website or apps, Amazon)


Voicify Platform

The Voicify Voice Experience PlatformTM is a SaaS, web-based tool that enables brands and agencies to ideate, create and deploy their voice applications on platforms including Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana and Chatbots.

The Voicify Voice Experience Platform allows brands to seamlessly create and manage their voice content across any number of smart speakers & devices.  Instead of requiring different development resources for each smart speaker, Voicify’s platform enables your single repository of content and skills to be managed across all the major devices including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Cortana Devices and Chatbots across web, SMS and IM.

Voicify is a content first, content centric marketing tool that keeps content management where it should be: with content strategists and content managers.

Voicify doesn’t require technical resources to be involved in order to create voice applications, Skills or Actions. When Voicify is connected to the Alexa, Google & Cortana app stores, the application is deployed automatically and constantly updated as you make changes.

If the web & native apps have taught marketers anything, it’s that content is king and a key part of the overall customer experience.  To keep content relevant it needs to be managed by a nimble, accessible, connected and agile tool: that’s Voicify.

Voicify is pretty simple to understand, though we know there are important decisions for brands to consider with their voice experience; you simply create, deploy, manage & collect.

Intelligent Recommendations

Brands and marketers often discover that their messaging and content works differently across various demographics and regions.  The same is true for voice assistants.  With Voicify, marketers can aggregate content across different smart speakers to determine the most appropriate and relevant content needed.  Certain types of responses may work better with Google instead of Microsoft or Amazon.  Using AI, Voicify’s platform will help brands make informed decisions, rather than simply guessing.

Industry Modules

The Voicify Voice Experience PlatformTM offers brands pre-defined modules so that their voice assistant programs can be more rapidly deployed.  Marketers can set up their smart speaker campaigns with established modules created by the Voicify team.


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By 2020, 30% of all search queries will be conducted without a screen


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Enables brands and marketers to easily create and maintain their voice experience and voice engagement using Voicify's Voice Content Management SystemTM.

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