Virtual Assistants

Voicify operates as a single platform to create, deploy, manage and analyze your voice experience.  Just like managing web content in a single system for the user to access in the browser of their choice, Voicify brings the same central management concept to voice applications (skills & actions) across the leading platforms.  By leveraging Voicify as your conversation experience platform, you simplify the management and optimization processes while reaching thousands of devices across the leading virtual assistants.

Did you know the same content you use for voice applications and virtual assistants with Voicify can be used for conversational chatbots as well?



of people with voice assistants talk to them everyday, and 33% talk to them more than 5 times a days. -Invoca

virtual assistant platforms
Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

While not the first “Voice Assistant,” the Amazon Alexa was the first to drive this new wave of voice-first devices with the release of the Amazon Echo. Alexa’s popularity grew quickly over a few short years with the help of multiple releases of new devices.. This push of new devices still continues to set Alexa aside compared to the other assistants as we see Alexa in more places including our phones, TVs, kitchen appliances, speakers, and more. With Alexa in more devices, the team at Amazon is able to train the AI more and continue to expand its skillset to empower developers with more capabilities to put in their custom skills and apps. There is now a huge community around developing Alexa Skills and pushing the limits of what the devices can do, and because of this, the barrier to entry is very low.

Google Assistant

Although Alexa still holds a vast majority of the voice-first devices, Google Assistant continues to grow its use and audience by bringing its intelligent design to different fronts. Google Assistant is built into the Android operating system of most modern Android devices which makes it easy to access for Google’s existing audience. On top of pushing its own line of devices with the Google Home and in Android devices, the Google Assistant’s underlying toolset – DialogFlow is used by bots in many other systems such as Slack, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and more. This enables developers to harness the power of Google Assistant’s understanding while expanding the reach of their custom skills and actions into other applications and services. Google also continues to train its AI in different ways to become more “human-like” which also continues to push the competition to do the same in order to keep up with what is widely considered the smartest of the flagship AIs.

Google Assistant
Samsung Bixby

Samsung Bixby

Bixby is Samsungs Virtual Assistant.  Applications through Bixby are called Capsules and are available on any device where Bixby is present including Samsung Phones, select TV’s and other appliances.

Bixby has been re-released in 2019 and Voicify is an elite partner working closely with the Samsung team to create the enterprise integration between the two systems.

In 2021 it is believed that Samsung will deploy Bixby to nearly all of the  Billion+ devices gloablly which support the update.

Apple Siri

Siri was one of the first flagship AIs released to the public as a part of iOS.  However,  it released with little ability to extend its functionality with custom skills.  SiriKit was built to give iOS developers the ability to extend existing iOS apps to leverage the application’s logic to the Siri. This limitation has caused great discontent amongst developers and brands as the power of voice assistants is to do things that wouldn’t be considered at times possible with a native app.  Having one UI limited by another is counterintuitive.

So it is not possible to create a custom, stand alone voice app with Siri like it is with GA, Alexa & Cortana.  We believe there will be a shift in SiriKit in late 2019 and we stand ready to integrate to the assistant.

Apple Siri
Microsoft Cortana

Microsoft Cortana

Microsoft closed down their 3rd party application marketplace for Cortana. While the assistant is still active as part of their operating systems, 3rd party developers can no longer deploy to it.

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