Voicify for Marketers: Customer Experience & the Conversation

Controlling the Conversation has Never Been Easier

Voicify has a solution for marketers building on the challenges and hurdles that technology of yesteryear showed us.  Marketers, Experience Managers & Content Strategists are the professionals who identify, create strategy and execute customer experience every day of their lives.

With Voicify those professionals are the ones left in charge of conversational and voice experience through voice assistants and chatbots.

Like the technology that preceeded conversational marketing capabilities, there was an initial slowdown of execution due to the dependence on IT and development resources.

Voicify aims to bring control back to the team members who most often are driving the change within the brand itself.

Our Voicify SPARK components bring scale to your team and their execution from day one

Themes, templates and code libraries have been used for decades across digital channels to gain scale, efficiency and speed to market. Voicify Spark blends these concepts into a non-technical and visually familiar UI for strategists and administrators.

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faster to talk than to type. It’s no wonder why the technology is being adopted so quickly.  

Cascading Optimization Reduces Your LOE on Managing Multimodal

There are billions of devices with various voice assistants embedded in them. With Voicify you get access to ALL OF THEM.

No, we’re not kidding.

You leverage Voicify to store content natively, or reference content in a 3rd party system and we deliver it to the user, optimized for the device they are using.

Sitting on the couch using Alexa on a FireTV? We’ll deliver video.

Driving in your car? Audio and text read back are contextually appropriate.

Smart Display? Imagery, voice over or video.

Of course the richness of the experience depends on the richness of your content – and we let you store or reference it all.


Voicify has elegantly solved a problem that few companies even know they have yet.

Ben Levine

Global Lead, Partnerships, Ogilvy


less cognitive load to listen than read.

A User Interface That Makes Sense

While we don’t expose the Voicify User Interface on our website, you can be assured we have leveraged the muscle memory and visual cues that marketers and managers have grown accustom to.

When technology advances as quickly as voice and conversational marketing is, it’s important to enable our customers to adopt the Voicify tool set quickly to remain competitive and nimble.


Customers Choose Channels, not Brands

We know your customers have their own affinities on how and where they converse with you.  Our responsability is to ensure you are conversing everywhere!

And that’s why Voicify natively connects, integrates and deploys to the major voice assistants of Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa as well as custom voice assistants.  And a myriad of chatbots including Facebook Messenger, Twitterbot, Slackbot and more…

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