Voicify offers a robust set of features and functionality.  Below you will find selected groupings.  To learn more about what Voicify is capable of and can support your brand with, please reach out to us or schedule a meeting.

Voicify was built with the brand in mind.  Meaning we know it is critical to put the experience in the hands of brand marketers, owners and content strategists. And while Voicify offers nearly every control you might want or is possible with voice assistants, Voicify is also extensible.  So development teams and agency partners can extend the platform to do even more amazing things with your brand.

Primary Functionality

Managing a conversation application (chatbot/voice skill/voice action) is a critical part of any multi-channel marketing strategy.  Voicify offers core functionality to the voice and conversation engagement of your brand by allowing non-technical resources to use a GUI  (graphic user interface) to create, deploy and manage the content that makes up the voice and conversartion experience conversation items.


Additionally, this primary functionality enables adminstrators of the Voicify Conversation Experience Platform™ to manage their users, brands and permissions across the business that Voicify has been deployed in.

Interaction Functionality

  • Welcome messages
  • Exit messages
  • Help messages
  • Fallback messages
  • Multi-turn Conversations
    • Targeted Responses
    • Contextual Fallback
    • Contextual Help
  • Question and Answers
  • Latest Messages
  • Events
  • Recipes
  • Number Range Feedback
  • Follow up prompts
  • Re-prompts
  • Hints and Suggestion Chips
  • Built-in intent support
    • Cancel
    • Stop
    • Media playback
  • Media Support
    • Images
    • Audio
    • Video

User Management Functionality

  • Role based security
  • Profile management
  • Organization switcher
  • Profile Photo
  • Forgot password
  • Invite user & user management
  • Add/Remove Users


  • Webhook API support
  • Fullfillment Endpoints
  • Multi Voice App management
  • CanFullfillIntent
  • Application Management
    • Application Name
    • Invocation Name
    • Description (long & short(
    • Keywords
  • Integration management
    • Event Web Hooks
      • Item Saved Event
      • Item Deleted Event
      • Member Added Event
      • Request Received Event
      • Content Hit Event
      • Content Miss Event
    • Application Content Response
    • Application Feature Content Response
    • Content Item Response
    • Session Management
    • Native Assistant Payload Override
  • Auto deployment (Alexa & Google)
  • Multi-lingual CMS support
  • Transfer Application Ownership

Experience Management

Beyond managing the content that makes up the conversation experience, there are important underpinnings to make sure the conversation is as experiential as possible.  Conversation controls of the assistants and chatbots that your application is deployed to is an important way to differentiate the brand and suggest engagement. Brands can go the extra mile with custom recordings, snippets, sonic branding, video, imagery and layouts by device to take full control of both the voice assistant platforms of Google Assistant, Alexa and Cortana, and various chatbot platforms.


  • Custom content organization
  • Editable content structure
  • Unlimited Topics
  • Unlimited Interaction types

Audio Only Preview

  • All smart speakers
  • SSML to speech

Chatbot Preview

  • All supported chatbots

Display Preview

  • Text to speech
  • Default layout
  • Device override layouts
  • Alexa Medium Screen
  • Alexa Large Screen
  • Alexa Extra Large Screen
  • Video Support
  • Audio Player
  • Alexa Small Screen
  • Google Assistant Mobile App
  • Google Assistant Smart Screen
  • Cortana Screen Sets
  • SSML to Speech


  • Text to speech
  • Audio files
  • Video files
  • Audio snippets
  • Sonic Branding
  • Background images
  • Foreground images
  • SSML Support

 Device Specific Customization

  • Title
  • Audio Player
  • Image
  • Display Templates


Media Experience Manager

  • Multi-file upload
  • Compatibility indicators
  • Device targeted customizations

Applicable Industries


Financial Services


Higher Education



Travel & Hospitality

Media & Entertainment

Retail & CPG


A critical pillar to any modern marketing technology is its ability to collect, collate and distribute the usage information of the experience it is set to manage or contribute to.  Voicify was built with this in mind.  The Voicify Conversation Experience Platform™ is directly connected to each of the voice assistants, thus extracting usage data from each and mapping it to the central content structure Voicify offers its admins.  Additionally, Voicify collects and displays the questions users ask which don’t have a response, called misses or failures.  Our customers love this feature as it directly influences channel evolution and roadmap strategy.

Performance Over Time 

  • Time Period
    • Year
    • Month
    • Week
    • Day
  • Users
  • Sessions
  • Interactions
  • By Service
  • By Feature Type
  • Top Conversations

Misses / Failures 

  • Time Period
    • Year
    • Month
    • Week
    • Day
  • Missed Intents
  • Missed Interactions
  • By Service
  • Top Missed Interactions

Supporting Integrations


The Voicify Conversation CMS™ runs with security in mind.  In fact the platform leverages the security levels of the voice assistants, chatbots and integrated systems to ensure that no personal information is stored within our system. This gives your brand the peace of mind that your customers’ data stays right where it should, with you.


  • All data encrypted at rest 
  • All data encrypted in transit (HTTPS / TLS 1.2) 
  • Webhooks require HTTPS  


  • All analytics data tracked against anonymous IDs 
  • PII not stored 
  • PII only available as pass through to integrations 

Data extraction  

  • Data owned by organization 
  • Extractable via API by organization 
  • Includes content, media, and analytics data 

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