ROI on Conversational Marketing

Adoption of new technology is predictable (spike, dip, leveling out) and yet frustrating for many brands who are risk adverse.  The facts are clear with voice and conversational marketing, it is here to stay and those who execute gain considerable advantage with their customers and against their competitors.

As with most new technologies, commerce isn’t the main focus for most brands (though it will come).  Though sales would be the simplest ROI for any brand, teams must work through how voice can support and is desired by their customers. It’s not complicated, it’s just work.

Voicify reduces the challenge for brands to enter the voice and chatbot space by maintaining the paradigm of content management marketers have known for years.  By abstracting the technology of creating, deploying and managing a voice app or chatbot across all major conversation platforms, Voicify creates a quick go to market solution that allows brands to experiment, evolve and delight their customers within the voice and chatbot space.


    Of Smart Speaker Owners Want to Contact Customer Service Departments by Voice - & Voicify

    Gains of Participation

    • Longevity of content being indexed by virtual assistants
    • Presence and availability of experience across 1billion devices
    • Early learnings and leapfrogging maturity of competitors
    • Direct voice of customer feedback and capturing ‘missed interactions’


    Of Millennials Use Voice Assistants While Shopping - CouponFollow

    Risks in Absence

    • Non-performance in Voice SEO
    • Surrender brand experience to virtual assistants and chatbots
    • Cede content expertise to competitors
    • Disjointed customer experience
    • When called on by customers, there will be no answer
    • Missed opportunities to surprise and delight customers


    Likely direct ROI Metrics

    (in a larger ROI equation)
    • Decrease in call center/support costs
    • % of customer journey supported by voice/conversational interactions
    • Voice/Conversation initiated cross-channel communications
    • Skill/Action enablement
    • Depth of engagement

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