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Searching by voice is changing SEO and SERP strategies significantly.  Read our white paper, co-written with our agency partner Verndale, on 'Voice Search and the Evolution of the Modern SERP.'

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5 ways to wake up your voice experience strategy

Articles News & Events Like web & native app channels that came before voice and voice assistants, brands are challenged by emerging technology to remain present in voice and the voice assistant platforms they are delivered on.  For billion-dollar...

Keep the Conversation Going with Suggestive Responses

  Articles News & Events     There are over 30,000 Amazon Alexa Skills and north of 2,000 Google Actions in the market. Many of them focus on single actions such as “play my favorites playlist” or “what’s the tip of the day?”. The others fall into more of a...

“AYA” (ask your assistant), the new URL.

Articles News & Events At the risk of dating myself, I remember when the world wide web was first getting going, the general public got pretty confused when they started seeing on marketing and advertising materials. I remember my...

Does Your Brand Need a Voice?

Articles News & Events The adoption rate of smart speakers demands the attention of brand managers. Brands will need to incorporate their voice experience into the overall brand presence similar to their handling of web and mobile. Voicify seemlessly...

Voice Joins Forces With Visual

Articles News & Events Voicify's world-class platform allows marketers to promote their brand at a visual and voice level using the Amazon Show device. Help create continuous conversations with your brand while also visually displaying the...

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By 2020, 30% of all search queries will be conducted without a screen


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