Inside the Business, Conversational Operations and Voice Assistants

Voice Can be as Much About Efficiency as Conversion

Profit is a two headed coin.  Increase revenue and decreasing costs.  An attractive activation for many companies is an internal one.

By enabling teams to leverage voice assistants in their work, efficiencies can be gained, friction with task completion reduced and innovation achieved: all at once.

Voicify enables the ‘voicification’ of operational content and processes by leveraging the intuitive UI for non-technical users as well as the ability to extend the platform to integrate existing tools through Voicify to create a powerful voice assistant for your entire workforce.

The possibilities really are endless.  Trust us, we’re having the conversations.

‘Conversationalize’ your Enterprise Tools

Voicify supports chatbots like Skype and Slack to allow your intranet to become a conversational interface

6.2 Billion hours

of employee productivity recaptured in 2021 due to virtual assistants

Search is everyone

With 50% of all searches being voice initiated by 2020, all business need to pay attention and leverage the opportunity.  VSO is the future of SEO.

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Hands free field work

Field workers who are often dirtying their hands doing their work, can now use their voice to create efficiency

IVR Technology

can be replaced with Smart Speakers and custom apps to decrease operational costs

Repetitive Tasks

like HR onboarding, report read outs & delivery, project updates, supply chain status etc. can be delivered via voice assistants

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By 2020, 30% of all search queries will be conducted without a screen


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