Alexa Show 5 is natively supported by Voicify. Oh, and everything else that is coming.

May 30, 2019

by Alex Dunn & Jason Fields

Amazon announced a new smart display this week, affectionately called the Alexa Show 5. It is 5.5 inches and under $100.  This is the first smart display under $100 and is a firm indicator that multi-modality is here to stay and quickly becoming the norm.

The Echo Show 5 sports a 5.5-inch screen in landscape with a 2:1 aspect ratio that hasn’t been seen before. A smaller device like this serves a great role in being closer to the user for voice interactions such as office desks, bed-side tables, and kitchens where the original size of the Echo Show 1 and 2 may have been a bit too large. With this new screen, you still get to enjoy all the great Amazon smart screen features like video streaming, images, and customized views using APL (Alexa Presentation Language). 

For brands, this is exciting and challenging.  Exciting as customers will be able to take advantage of lower cost more engaging experiences the brands own vis a vis skills and actions. Challenging as the device has a new aspect ratio (2:1) and previous visual layouts won’t render.

Thankfully, for Voicify customers this is not an issue.  Brands leveraging Voicify to manage their voice and conversational experiences are already prepared for this device and will experience no downtime, no breakage and no subpar experiences for their customers.

The expansion of devices is ongoing as the ubiquity of voice assistants permeate devices to establish an omni-present relationship with their owners.

Voicify was built with expansion, scalability and optimization in mind.  Not only does Voicify already support this new device, but Voicify offers custom control of visual layouts specific to the device.  Our customers are completely prepared for this expansion, without effort. And also enabled to further own the experience on the device specifically if they choose to.

A note for developers:

Because of this change, Alexa Skill Developers building custom Alexa Skills need to make some changes to their APL implementations to best fit the support for the screen size and aspect ratio that differs from all the others. Existing APL responses may either return without the visual representation or render in a way the developer does not expect 

For Voicify users, support for managing screen responses for the Echo Show 5 and any future Small Hub – Landscape device was immediately available without needing to make any changes to your skill, content, media, or anything else. Because of Voicify’s ability to best fit media and multi-modal responses to any screen size or device type, your skills look amazing on any new device!  

See how your skills look on the Echo Show 5 before you even purchase one by using the Alexa Simulator or by previewing your content directly in Voicify. 

We love this stuff!!!

By 2020, 30% of all search queries will be conducted without a screen


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